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"Bangladesh, with its rich maritime heritage, has been a nation intertwined with the sea for millennia. The people of Bangladesh have a natural affinity for seafaring, a tradition passed down through generations. The country's shipping sector, steeped in history and well-seasoned, owes its strength to a confluence of geographical advantages, including one of the world's largest river networks, the vastest bay, a sprawling delta, the longest unbroken sea beach, and the presence of one of the oldest sea ports.


The inception of the Bangladesh Marine Academy at Chattogram in 1962, during the time of the Pakistani Government, marked a pivotal moment in meeting the demands of mariners and engineers. The academy was established with a dual focus on preserving the ancient wooden shipbuilding heritage and embracing modern ocean-going shipbuilding techniques.


Following the nation's independence, the visionary leader, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, recognized the imperative need for modernized mariner training. Under the "Development of Marine Academy (1973-1980)" initiative, he re-established the "Bangladesh Marine Academy" to meet these demands.


Subsequently, Bangladesh Marine Academy, Barishal, was established as part of the broader project "Establishment of 04 marine academies" to address the growing demand for skilled mariners. The academy, alongside three others in Rangpur, Pabna, and Sylhet, was inaugurated on May 6, 2021, by the Honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina. It plays a vital role in shaping the future leaders of the merchant marine industry, with a dedicated focus on two key segments: the Nautical Department and the Marine Engineering Department."